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Site Rules
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Site Rules
The Site Rules, new and improved! Smile

Also two important notes for new members first:

- If you do not make at least one forum post, your user may be automatically removed after 2-3 months. This has been done to keep things a bit more under control. Please ensure all posts are suitable and not spammy!

- You must make 5 posts in other sections before you can post or start threads in the Roleplay section, or make a blog.

Anyway, the rules! You must agree to read and follow these to be on SonicHentai.net.

1) Treat other members with respect.

2) Respect the decisions and place of moderators and admins.

3) Do not post any material that is illegal in your country, or the US or UK, or that violates copyright laws. This includes lolicon and shotacon (hentai of minors) and images resembling lolicon or shotacon. This material will be removed.

4) Due to legal necessity, you must be 18 or over to be on the forum or any part of this website. You must also be over the required legal age in your own country, and live in a country where the type of material on SonicHentai.net (hentai, adult conversations, pornography, etc) is legal.

5) Name changes are cool, just ask me or one of the admins! Just try not to do them too often! Smile

6) If you digress considerably from a thread's topic, please move it to a different thread or into the chat room!

7) Do not post any extreme "real world" pornography. Some is allowed including of yourself (as long as it is within some kind of context), but we will remove any we deem to be inappropriate for any reason including legality, lack of relevance, social reasons, etc.

8) Please do not create more than one account unless absolutely necessary (it makes more work for the mods and admins and clutters the site).

9) When uploading to the gallery, please respect the wishes of the original artists and do not upload anything they would disapprove of.

10) Please keep "extreme" hentai images within their allocated section in the gallery. Anything considered inappropriate may be removed.

Additionally, to be on the site you must accept the SonicHentai.net Terms of Service.

Thanks much!

Wave Smile

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