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Sonic X Sally
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Sonic X Sally
Enjoy, tell me if you'd like more from me.

"You did great today, Sal." Sonic held Sally's hand as they came into his room, from a newly completed mission, she merely blushed slightly.

"I try." She sat on Sonic's bed with him and gave him a kiss, after the broke away, she lingered near his face, and came closer to his ear, whispering, "I love you, you know."

"I know." The cobalt blue hedgehog gave her a kind smile, he leaned back slightly so thier noses were touching, "I love you too."

Sally kissed him again, this time putting her tongue in his mouth, they brought themselves closer to each other as they continued, enjoying each other's taste and warmth. After staying like this for a few minutes, thier bodies were tightly against each other, Sonic felt her large breasts pushing against his chest, she was wearing a beautiful orange dress that came down elegantly to her ankles, she also had a gold necklace.

Keeping in this position, she leaned towards his ear again.

"Please, prove your love for me." her brown eyes glistened as she said this, Sonic was not taken back at all, he knew what she meant.

"Of course." Sonic breathed his warm breath on her cheek, and then nibbled on her ear, making her smile. She then took his shoulders and laid him back on the bed.

"Stay here." she smiled seductively and walked off slowly, swaying her hips until she left the room. Sonic stayed lay down, he slipped off his shoes, socks and gloves, eagerly awaiting what was to come.

A few minutes later, he noticed the lights dim, and as he sat up his eyes shot open.

Before him stood Sally, she wore nothing but a tight, white bikini. He drank in the sight of her almost bare body. Her slender toes were clean and pointed, her foot was sleek and arched perfectly, her slim yet curved legs seemed to go on forever, they looked smooth and soft, yet athletic. Her backside, which was mostly revealed by the tight bikini, looked firm and tight and her stomach was perfectly curved with a light six pack visible. Her large breasts, which the small bikini was straining to keep in place, were firm and he could see her erect nipples through the fabric. Her arms looked athletic, and yet feminine, not unlike her legs and stomach, and her face looked as beatiful as ever with her hair which fell over her elegant shoulders. The hedgehog almost drooled.

She pushed him down again, grinning seductively, "I want you to stay absolutely still, ok?" Sonic could only nervously nod.

The squirrel began by running her fingers along her own body, up her legs, moaning softly as they came to her 'button', then up her stomach. She then gently pushed her breasts together and wiggled them infront of him. Sonic began to sit up.

"Oh no." She pushed him back down, "Absolutely still."

She then crawled on top of him, with her stomach just touching his already erect penis, she kissed his neck a few times, roughly, leaving a few love bites. He then felt her nipples on his chest as she pressed herself against him. After lying in that position for a minute or two, she moved down to his throbbing cock, and rubbed her hand softly against it.

"Shall I?" She tightly gripped Sonic's member with her hand.

"Knock yourself out." The hedgehog grinned.

She licked his shaft softly, teasing the tip with her tongue, then in a sudden movement, she took almost the whole thing into her mouth.

"Ooh...oh God, that's good Sal." Sonic moaned as he felt her head bobbing up and down over his member, her wet tongue moving around his shaft. He watched her head bob up an down as waves of pleasure coarsed through his body, he gripped the bed sheets as he felt Sally's tongue carressing his manhood. He then decided to take charge and sat up.

Sally grinned seductively once again, " I said st-" she was cut off as Sonic rolled over and pinned her to the bed, making her squeak with happiness.

"I'm in charge now." He grinned and released her arms, then moved down to her feet, he kissed her toes, then ran his tongue up one of her legs, his fingers sliding up the other, he skipped her area and went to her stomach. He then kissed her belly button and licked her stomach, he enjoyed her soft moans as he continued to press his lips against her firm, flat belly, rubbing his nose slightly in her sleek, brown fur. She giggled as he licked her belly button.

Sonic then moved down to her soft, white panties, and began to rub them softly, making Sally gasp, as she began to moan slightly he stopped and kissed his way up to her mounds.

Sally breathed deeply, already wet, and began to sit up, "Why did you stop-?" she sqeaked as he pinned her down again by her shoulders, grinning.

"I thought I was in charge now."

She smirked as her slender fingers tickled his abs, "Yes sir."

He went back down to her breasts, taking her bra off with his teeth, she felt his hot breath on her chest, and then suddenly his warm tongue on her left breast.

Sonic sucked on her left breast, stroking his tongue over her erect nipple, he was kneading her right breast with his hands, occasionally rubbing his thumb over the right nipple. He did this for a few minutes, listening her her soft moans and giggles, every few seconds he would make her squeak by biting or pinching both nipples, softly of course. He then moved down further, his tongue running across her stomach until he reached his match. He took off her panties with his teeth, she felt a shiver as he breathed on her wet vagina, Sally breathed deeply as she awaited his tongue.

She squeaked as he quickly pushed his mouth against her, feeling his tongue inside her, he enjoyed her moans as he did this and carried on, his tongue dancing inside of her, searching for the right spot, it only took a few seconds.

Sally had never experienced this before, and was not handling it well, she panted and whimpered as her body struggled, but Sonic had a firm grip on her legs, and was also squeezing her backside, which didn't help. "Sonic! I can't handle this!" Her voice was shaky, her back arching, "Sto-!" her own words were interrupted by another shiver, making her moan loudly again. She lasted for alost ten minutes before she began to reach her climax when he suddenly stopped, she sighed but carried on panting, her grip on the bedsheets was loosening and her hips were still twitching, she was soaked down there, and the rest of her was almost soaked with sweat.

When she recovered, she looked up to see Sonic, who was grinning and licking his lips, "Mm, sweet." he grinned.

Sally grinned also, "Enough play Sonic, make me yours."

Sonic nodded and climbed on top of her, he looked at her vagina as he positioned his seven inch member over it, she was wet with anticipation. He looked at Sally, who was looking down also, her breasts moving up and down as she breathed heavily. He then kissed her deeply, and lowered himself into her, slowly then quickly, until they were connected. "You ok Sal?" Sonic noticed her breathing had quickened.

"It hurts, it's supposed to first time, I don't care, go." Sonic obeyed. He moved in and out of her slowly, increasing his pace as her moans of pain turned into moans of pleasure, "Ah...Sonic...oh..." were the main sounds coming from her lips, she panted and kissed his neck passionately. After a few minutes she managed to summon enough strength to roll on top of him.

Sonic let her ride on top of him like a bronco, enjoying her increasing moans and watching her breasts bounce. He kept a firm grip on her naked backside, supporting her and giving it a quick squeeze to make her squeek. He enjoyed the feeling of her thighs rub against his hips, and watched as small beads of sweat began to form on her forehead and around her breasts. Her moans were becoming louder by the second as she struggled to hold her orgasm, and eventually she collapsed on top of him, her arms wrapped around him and her breasts were pressed to his chest. Her hips continued to twitch slightly.

Sonic ran his fingers up Sally's back as he started to thrust, lifting her whole body up as her moans turned into increasingly fast whimpers, he did this for no more than a minute until Sally yelled his name, he felt her stomach tense and her vagina tighten. "Oh ... oh my God! Sonic!!!"

Her legs wrapped around his as her nails dug into his back, Sonic continued to hump her as she relaxed on his body, Sally was gasping and panting, then Sonic, with a moan, cummed a few seconds later. They lay on the bed panting, Sonic was gently massaging Sally's backside and tickling her slender back. She caught her breath and kissed his neck passionatley, then whispered in his ear:


Sonic blinked twice, and smiled, he nodded as he ran his hand down her back. Sonic stood up, he looked at her, her body was as beautiful as ever, if not a little more sweaty, and her stomach was still tensed.

Sonic stood at the side of the bed, and took Sally's ankles, putting them over his shoulders, he then held her thighs and began to buck her like a big bad pony, she made all the noises that a good girl should, moaning loudly, already out of breath from her first orgasm. She pushed her breasts together, beginning to pleasure herself as Sonic thrusted even harder and faster. He licked her thighs, which also made her moan. He then slowed and came to a stop, he pulled her body against his and lifted her up by her thighs, still inside of her and carried her to the wall, pressing her against the cold surface as her legs wrapped around him. He then bucked her against the wall even harder than before, thrusting further into her petite body, making her throw her head back as she began to scream.

He felt her insides tighten further, making his pleasure increase even more, Sonic then yelled as he shot more of his seed inside her, a few seconds later, Sally came with a huge scream and wrapped herself around him. Sonic fell back onto the bed, and panted for a few minutes, after looking up, he saw her face, which still had a lustful expression. After kissing him quickly she said; "Please... keep going."

Sonic couldn't deny her, ther were both still exhausted and taking deep breaths, but he thrusted slowly into her with the last of his energy as she lay on top of him, lifting her body up and down. Sally could only grunt quietly, still feeling the massive sexual tickle from her wet pussy but hardly able to express it. He also started to finger her tail hole, she had never imagined that it would feel so good. Sonic looked exhausted. Sally saw this, and despite the pain of exhaustion in her arms, legs and abs she began to thrust faster and harder than she ever had done, her grunts returning to screams. Sonic began to moan and just before he came, Sally grabbed his cock and put it in her mouth. She felt the hot cum hit her mouth, and pulled Sonic's penis out to let him come on her face and breasts Sonic smiled at her gesture, and pulled her pussy over his face, beginning to lash his tongue violently inside it while roughly massaging her breasts. She came immediatley, her juices flowing over Sonic's face.

He pulled her down next to him and smiled, "That enough?"

"Yeah..." she said, through her panting. She caught sight of the clock, they had been making love for almost an hour, she was going to ache tomorrow. The two lay next to each other, Sonic stroking her feminine form which was dripping with sweat, among other things.
08-17-2010 03:13 PM
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RE: Sonic X Sally
I liked it... I liked it a lot. Few typos here and there, but otherwise good, very good.
08-17-2010 03:24 PM
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RE: Sonic X Sally
EPIC! FUCKING EPIC! \m/ *headbanging* I love SonSal, even if is in Hentai version! Thanks Aero!
[Image: zerofist.gif] ZERO: Shoot! I have went too late! And I wanted see to Sonic and Sally fucking! FUCK! FUCK! FUUUCK!
GOLLBEZ: Calm, Zero! Calm!
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RE: Sonic X Sally
This was a lot of fun to read. As for you, TheCrawlianMan, you're right. Zero does need to calm down. Besides, doesn't he know that this is a fanfic that you could just read at any time?
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07-15-2011 12:38 AM
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RE: Sonic X Sally

It was hot, And i demand more!
08-13-2011 10:15 PM
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RE: Sonic X Sally
(07-15-2011 12:38 AM)TheB3ckm4nator Wrote:  This was a lot of fun to read. As for you, TheCrawlianMan, you're right. Zero does need to calm down. Besides, doesn't he know that this is a fanfic that you could just read at any time?

Man, you don't know how time earns Zero when hunting Mavericks...Awesome Lion
08-30-2011 04:33 PM
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