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» Madeliene Madness - 15:36 -- Eyyyy! o3o
» {MOH}lazor - 13:23 -- yo
» Madeliene Madness - 08:01 -- It's a LAZOOOOR! BWAAAAAAH- *static sound*
» {MOH}lazor - 20:13 -- Oi mates, whats the good word?
» Madeliene Madness - 08:10 -- Yis. :3 XD
» slasher333 - 04:12 -- What? Are you saying it now so that I don't tell you later?
» Madeliene Madness - 23:59 -- My post. I am acutely aware of this. ouo
» slasher333 - 21:02 -- lol How is it? Right now I'm watching Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds. I just finished the original, and before that I finished GX. (Yeah, yeah, out of order, I know.)
» edo7ensei - 20:50 -- =D
» edo7ensei - 20:50 -- I have neopets.com in the next tab and I'm okay with that.
» slasher333 - 14:10 -- Now, it's all a matter of getting the papers to him, which, after calling his office just now, the secretary suggested that instead of setting up a whole appointment and having to spend $50 to just see him, we (my mom and I since I prefer her to talk on my behalf) should email copies of the papers to him and then... Well... I guess wait for a reply. I suggested we not only send blank copies, but also fill them out and send copies of them to show how they need to be filled, but our printer is too low on ink and my mom says she doesn't want to write on the originals; at least, not yet anyway.
» Madeliene Madness - 07:39 -- Ya did good, boi. Tongue
» slasher333 - 04:13 -- So, went and talked to a lawyer about helping me with my disability appeal. He says that if I could take a couple of papers to my neurologist and have him fill them out favorably, (which, seeing as how he doesn't know the answer to most of 'em, like how do I act when I have a seizure, how often I have them, etc... That shouldn't be too hard since I've got to tell him the answers) he should be able to get me on disability ASAP, as well as get me the money that I was owed since I first applied. All he wants is 25% of the first lump amount and pay back any fees that he may have had to pay to get things like medical records, and that's only if we win.
» Madeliene Madness - 22:30 -- There we go. ouo
» Madeliene Madness - 20:41 -- Post in progress. Hang tight!