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By accessing the website you accept the following Terms of Service (also referred to as the "ToS", the "Terms", "tos" and "ToS"). From that point onwards, (also referred to as "the Site") will treat your use of the Site as acceptance of the Terms...

- The Site reserves the right to change these terms at any time.
- If you are a minor, then you will not use the Site.
- If you are under 18 years of age, then you will not use the Site.
- If pornography, hentai, adult conversations or any other material contained on is illegal in your country, then you will not use the Site.
- The Site is presented to you AS IS, without any warranty, express or implied. You will not hold the Site or its staff members liable for damages caused by the use of the Site.
- The Site reserves the right to delete or modify your account, or any content you have posted to the Site.
- You understand that there may be content on the Site that does not appeal to you or you feel is morally wrong.
- You accept that the Site is not liable for any content that you may stumble upon.
- You are using this site only for personal use.
- You will not use any automated process to retrieve or index any portion of the Site or site contents, with the exception of public search engines.
- The operators of the Site are not entirely held to these terms
- All characters found on are 18 years or older
- Characters on such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy Rose, Knuckles the Echidna, Cream the Rabbit, Espio the Chameleon and so on are completely fictional and not designed to represent or resemble any real-world person.

Prohibited Content

In addition, you may not use the Site to upload any of the following:
- Content that is illegal in the US, UK or your own country.
- Child pornography: Any photograph or photorealistic drawing or movie that depicts children in a sexual manner. This includes nudity, explicit sex, implied sex, or sexually persuasive positions.
- Lolicon or shotacon or anything resembling lolicon or shotacon.

Privacy Policy

The Site will not disclose the IP address or email address of any user except to the staff, with the exception of users that upload highly illegal content such as child pornography.

The Site is allowed to make public everything else, including but not limited to: uploaded posts, favorited posts, comments, forum posts, and any edits made to the Site.

Additional Notes

We accept no responsibility for what people upload to our gallery. However we of course do our very best to moderate it at all times, to check uploaded files and to delete files we deem to be unsuitable for any reason including legality, copyrights and the owner's wishes. If you do not approve of any image or file on the gallery please contact us and if you have good reason we shall remove it. Thank you!

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